Bug Quashing Hero

Jos Wanders - Bug Quashing Hero

Version 1.1.1 released

Jos Wanders (dvb4free) contacts us and says “I found some bugs.”

But did Jos stop there? No, Jos stepped up and not only identified and reported the issue but was kind enough to supply us the filename and the lines where we could correct the issue.

That makes Jos Wanders our first official Bug Quashing Hero!

Bugs, Patches, Pull Requests and more

If you find a bug then please let us know and if you’re a developer or general code junkie and can identify the nitty gritty details then send it on. You can find WPSuperDealer on BitBucket and send us a pull request or just send us a message on one of our contact forms.

Update on the Repo Journey

You know how you wake up and look at the calendar and realize it’s already Thursday and it feels like it was just Monday?

Now replace Thursday with August and Monday with February. It kind of feels just like that. Squeezing things into the old project calendar can be tough, especially after losing a couple heavy hitters. Fortunately we’ve found a couple new sidekicks for the Super Team and things are smoothing out.

Realistically we expect to be resubmitting in the next couple weeks. From there we anticipate making a few more changes before approval, but if things go well we might be looking at a late August or early September release in the repository.

If you have any questions or comments then please let us know!

Anyone have the time?

Can we argue that time is relative?


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