Going off Track

We been keeping busy Let’s pull back the masks a bit and talk about how we spend our time. Yes, we work with a lot of companies building websites for people and we develop a lot of WordPress PlugIns, some of those in the vehicle sales industries. At first glance you might be tempted to […]

Gravity Forms & ADFxml

Kevin Davis – Mastermind and Approved WPSuperDealer provider at The Harman Media & Marketing Group WPSuperDealer, Gravity Forms & ADFxml First off, let’s get to the important stuff. What is ADFxml? or is it ADFxml, adfXML, adfxml or ADFXML? or does that even matter? Regardless, if you want some details on ADFxml and what it […]

Changing Price Formats

Changing your price format By default WPSuperDealer displays price and mileage fields as straight numbers with no actual formatting. That means they look like this: $32500 and not $32,000 or $32.000 or any of the other formats you might find around the world. Why isn’t this an option and how are you supposed to format […]

How to Add your own admin tab to WPSuperDealer

Sample Code for adding an admin tab to WPSuperDealer This sample code will add an admin tab to WPSuperDealer and hooks into the settings and saves them to the global $wpsd_options variable. The first function creates the tab and the parameter “contact” is our callback for populating the tab’s contents. The callback needs to return […]