Journey to the Repo

WPSuperDealer and WordPress.org

WPSuperDealer has been submitted to the PlugIn’s repo at WordPress.org

The PlugIns Team put it through the wringer, found a few minor issues and requested we resubmit once they were resolved.

Five of the six issues were resolved in 24 hours, but when we got to number six we had to pause.

When we put WPSuperDealer together we added an integration with our own data services to provide market value, ownership costs and a few other premium tidbits. The Market Value and Ownership cost reports include a couple really nice charts built with Chart.js

Full disclosure, we didn’t write the JavaScript for the charts. It was provided to us from a third party that supplies us with the data.

Here’s the kicker, they used v1 of Chart.js – but Chart.js is now sitting at v3. The difference between versions is quite large and migrating from v1 to v3 is a rocky road.

The PlugIns Team from WordPress.org, quite rightfully, will not allow us to resubmit until we upgrade that library to v3.

We're moving Super Fast

The Trouble Making Charts

This means we have to rebuild those charts from scratch and none of us have any real experience with Chart.js – Fun stuff!

Normally we’d love nothing more than to dig into a new library and tease out its secrets, but it’s crunch time and we’ve been loaded down with migrating customers and on-boarding our VIPs. Finding the time to recreate the original reports has been super tough.

There’s a strong chance that the revised reports won’t be as animated or as feature rich as the originals, but we know some people are waiting for it to show up in the Repo before they migrate so we’re looking for a balance between rebuilding the reports and getting it submitted.

Right now we anticipate resubmitting before April 30th. From there the PlugIns Team may take 7-10 days to review it, then we might have another small round or two of quick changes. This means it might very well be the middle of May or even the first of June before WPSuperDealer is in the repository.

We know that’s later than many of you would like but we don’t want to rush things and we’d like to have the opportunity to get the reports as close to the originals as possible. Those are also worst case dates, things might move faster than that, but we also want to let people know the situation so they aren’t surprised. Keep in mind that you can always install it now from our website and use a Github updater PlugIn to update it from our BitBucket repo.

If you happen to be super awesome with Chart.js and can do some wicked cool stuff, then please reach out to us and let us know. We could use a hero on this so don’t be shy.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns then please reach out and let us know.



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