Overview – API Keys Tab

Today we’ll be taking a look at WPSuperDealer and the API Keys tab on the settings page.

Here's a quick video to get you started.

WPSuperDealer offers a Data API for automotive sellers in the United States.

If you are outside of the United States and interested in a similar service then please let us know.

We hope to add the rest of North America soon and need direction from you on where to focus next.

The Data API provides Vin Decoding, Vehicle Market Value, Ownership Costs and Vehicle History Reports

When visitors come to your website searching for a vehicle they deserve as much information about the vehicles they see as they can get.

Having great photos of your vehicles is the first step in showing the visitor your inventory.

But some of the most important information on a vehicle, can’t be shown in a photo

like fuel economy, market value, ownership costs or vehicle history reports.

When you sign up for the WPSuperDealer Data API you instantly gain the power to decode the vehicle specifications right from the vin.

You can also provide Market Value and Ownership cost reports.

Best of all, you can give your visitors vehicle history reports, that show all the public information gathered by the national motor vehicle title information system.

That’s a whopper of a name, kinda glad I get paid by the word

National motor vehicle title information system.

I could send my oldest to college if I can get away with saying that a few more times

Once you sign up for one or more of our services then you’ll be given a data api key.

If you lose or misplace the key then you can log into our website and find it on your account page.

When you acquire a key and enter it here, it will be validated.

Your available services will be listed here, where you will also find settings to turn your different services on and off.

Don’t forget to save your settings after turning on one of your services.

Now that you’ve turned on your services let’s take a look at how to actually use them.

Let’s add a new vehicle.

With our data services turned on we now have this field where we can enter a vin number and then click on the button to open the data api.

If you’ve entered a valid vin number you’ll see options for Vin Decodes, History Reports, Market Value & Ownership cost.

With available credits you’ll be able to click the appropriate buttons to retrieve their information.

Let’s start with clicking decode now

After the data loads and the page refreshes we can scroll down and see the information populated in the specifications

We can also see the correct options have been marked.

Let’s scroll back up and take a look at the history report.

Since we have a valid vin we can just clicke the get history report button and it’ll download the report for us.

You can view the report by clicking on, view it here in the history reports section.

Now let’s see what it looks like on the front end

If we scroll down below the specifications and options we’ll see the reportNow let’s go back and pull a market value report

It’s as easy as clicking get market value

Now we can click view it here to preview the report

The ownership cost report is just as easy

Click a button and it goes out and gets the report, just like that

If we flip back over to the front end we can see those reports and all the information we pulled.

Now you can see first hand the information you can provide your visitors with.

If you’re one of those dealers who uses that car fox thing or the auto check thingy, then you can swing by our website and grab our add-on for third party vehicle history reports.

You might also be interested in our Template Manager

It gives you the ability to create custom layouts and styles for your vehicles

We also offer custom design and development services to help those who don’t have their own code sidekicks on staff

This concludes our look at the WPSuperDealer API Keys tab

All you need to do now is sign up and get started