Overview – Price Tab

Today we’ll be taking a look at WPSuperDealer and the Price tab on the settings page.

Here's a quick video to get you started.

You can find the price tab by going to dashboard, vehicles, settings

On the price tab you’ll see 4 checkboxes, allowing you to disable any of the 4 price fields

The first field is retail price, this is where you would enter the list price or the m.s.r.p

The rebates field and discount field can be used to visually display savings

This bring us to the last checkbox, price

The price field is the final price for the vehicle that the seller is asking

The next setting will drop it’s value directly before the prices

This field is most commonly used for a currency symbol, but it does accept any string value

When we look at the next field we find it’s value will be displayed at the end of the prices

In the united states this is typically left blank or used to add a trailing tag line, in other countries it can be used as a trailing currency symbol

The last field allows you to define what is displayed if a vehicle has no price, a price of zero or if price is hidden by the vehicle location settings

If you look at the location tab, you’ll see a vehicle’s location can hide the prices, or even add an additional amount to it

Now let’s move over to the vehicle option’s tab

Here you will see all four price fields are part of the global specifications

If you disabled one or more of the price fields and saved your settings then you will find it is also disabled here

This area gives you a little more control over those fields, and allows you to change their labels and even assign default values

We’ll take a deeper look at the vehicle options and the global specifications in our next video

This brings us to the close of our video on the vehicle price tabs and the different price settings