Overview – Sort Tab

Today we’ll be taking a look at WPSuperDealer and the Vehicle Sorting tab on the settings page.

Here's a quick video to get you started.

If you have WPSuperDealer activated you can find the vehicle sorting tab by going to dashboard, vehicles, settings

After clicking on the tab you’ll see the options we have to work with

As with the tabs, we encourage you to take some time and read over the Tips and Tricks section

By default your vehicles are sorted with the newest vehicles first.

You don’t need to actually select date published for the first field, because it’s a default

You can also select a second and third level of sorting if desired

This means you could sort all vehicles by year, and within the same year they could be sorted by make, and those vehicles could be further sorted by model

Here’s the real important part, any field except the date published, must also be checked in the list below

If you select a field for the default sort and it isn’t checked, then it will have no impact on the sorting of vehicles

Each of these fields are a specification for one or more vehicle types

When you check a field it will slide open a panel that will let you select the field type and customize labels.

Keep in mind that a vehicle MUST have data in a field being sorted on or it will not be included in the results.

This means if you allow a person to sort on, say mileage for example, and you have one or more vehicles that do not have a value for the mileage field, then those vehicles will not be displayed in the results

The last option for each field is to select what type of information is stored in that field

Your options are text or number

Keep in mind that number fields must only contain numbers

If you have currency symbols, or commas, or any other non numeric character then it will not sort properly as a number

There are two different ways you can add vehicle sorting to your page

If you click on an inventory block you’ll find an option to turn on or off a sorting form directly above the inventory

You can also click on any search form and choose to have the sorting field appear as part of the search form

When we look at this on the front end you can see it might be best to choose only one of these locations to display the sort, but there may be situation where it’s advantageous to allow both

If you have dynamic loading turned on for your search forms then sorting will also be done on the page without refreshing

If this option is turned off then the page will refresh, with the new sort order, as soon as a selection is made

This brings us to the end of our look at the vehicle sorting tab