Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping…

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

Punctuality is the thief of time

Where does the time go?!

Two months ago we discussed a minor bump on our journey to the WordPress.org repo. At the time things seemed to be moving fast, so we posted an update and then…well, life happened.

Lost time is never found again

This whole year has been a wild swing of ups and downs. Challenges show up, we smile best we can and then put in a little blood, sweat and tears – no fear. Then before that challenge is defeated another one shows up. This repeats ad infinitum and eventually we remember it’s nothing more than the journey of life and the march of time. But those challenges, the bumps in the journey, have a funny way of messing with certain timelines and schedules. For example; getting WPSuperDealer into the WordPress.org repository.

Who did what now?

Two members of the WPSuperTeam left and joined another team. I know, you’re probably thinking some Super Villain used a mind control ray gun of some kind and turned them into secret weapons for World Domination. The truth is… their secret identities got out and they were poached with offers we couldn’t compete with.

It’s sad to see them go. They’ve both been part of the team for more than five years. It’s just bad luck they both had outside offers within a couple weeks of each other. No Super Villain involved, no evil mind control ray gun – just good old capitalism.

All we can do is wish them the best and be grateful they’ll always be friends and honorary sidekicks. Then scramble around, pick up the pieces and somehow keep all of our super awesome clients happy. All in a days work 😉

So now what?

Losing two Super Stars nearly back to back isn’t an easy thing to deal with. We’re all having to pick up the slack and client projects take the number one priority. WPSuperDealer is very young and only one of many projects the WPSuperTeam is involved with. As the baby of the group and not really launched yet it didn’t make sense to push it forward while we’re doing a bunch of other juggling.

This means we had to slow things down and cool our jets on pushing into the repository. Once things have settled down in a couple weeks we’ll revisit our journey and resubmit for our next round of review.

For those of you who don’t know, the PlugIn Review team pointed out that we had used an older version of Chart.js to generate a couple reports for our data services. The newer version of Chart.js requires us to rebuild those reports (#$%!!&*) or remove them. We have opted to remove those reports and the associated data services at this time. 

Users that have those services can continue to use them with the reports add-on they have been sent. If you use one of those services and have not received a download link for the reports add-on then please let us know.

The reports add-on is only available to users who are members of the WPSuperTeam S.P.A.C.E. program and purchased these services prior to June 18th, 2021.

The integrated VIN decode service and Vehicle History Reports are not affected by this change and will remain a part of the core WPSuperDealer PlugIn.

And the point is?

We hope to resubmit to the WordPress repository soon, but we’re not going to rush it so it might be another month or two… or three?! Only time will tell, but it should be before the leaves start falling and the snow starts drifting. Good thing patience is a virtue huh?


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