WPSuperDealer – End of February 2021

—- FAQ —

What add-ons will be available?

On release day the following add-ons will be available for purchase:

  1. Import Inventory – works with all the major feed providers
  2. Export Inventory – can feed out scheduled CSV files with custom columns
  3. Template Manager – with a dozen different layouts
  4. Vehicle Compare
  5. Vehicle Keyword Search
  6. Print Vehicle
  7. Car / Autocheck Integration

What data services will be available?

WPSuperDealer will be offering dealers in the United States Vin Decode services, Vehicle History Reports, Vehicle Market Value and Vehicle Ownership costs. These services are built into the core PlugIn and only require an API Key with suitable credits.

Can I be a beta tester?

Maybe? Officially we’re not accepting additional beta testers for our commercial add-ons, but you can download the current beta for the core PlugIn on BitBucket and check it out.

Will the Data API and Vehicle History Reports be available for everyone?

Initially only dealers in the United States will be able to purchase VIN decodes and Vehicle History reports for their vehicles directly from WPSuperDealer.com We plan to expand this service to cover all of North America as quickly as possible before expanding our services to across the pond and elsewhere.

How can I learn more?

Reach out and let us know you’d like more information and what kind of projects you’re working on. We might be a touch slow to respond during this transition but let me assure you that your interest and feedback is very important to us.