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What is WPSuperDealer?

WPSuperDealer is a vehicle listing PlugIn written for WordPress. It’s the successor to Car Demon, the very first automotive PlugIn released at WordPress.org way back in 2013.

It’s used by a lot more than car dealers. You can find it being used for boats, RVs, motorcycles, tractors, golf carts, trailers, semi-trucks and more. Obviously the name “Car Demon” didn’t quite represent our user base. A new name for a new version, it needed to be something… Super!

In the last seven years WordPress has gone through (and is still going through) some massive changes. Gutenberg, Full Site Editing and a whole new concept on what a theme really is are just part of what’s going on.

When it came time to write version 2 we took the lessons we learned from Car Demon and embraced the new direction WordPress is taking the World.

The end result is WPSuperDealer, the most powerful WordPress PlugIn available for vehicle sales.

Thank you for your patience!

Back in September we made a commitment to release WPSuperDealer in February, 2021. We barely made it.

Despite a global pandemic, hurricane force winds, a sixty foot tree smashing into buildings, surprise visits to the emergency room (note the plural spelling of visits), x-rays, MRIs, surly doctors, devastating ice storms, unreal power outages, a broken toilet tank and a really bad cat bite right on the forearm we still managed to release WPSuperDealer in February of 2021. Sure, it was 28th, but it was still February. Wow, it’s been an exciting 6 months!

To be honest, there’s so much more we wanted to have done before launch. But that’s the way of life, there’s always one more thing that should be done. If we waited until everything was perfect then it would never be done.

We know the add-ons need more documentation and it wouldn’t hurt to have some tutorials that lead to demos.

Some good instructions on integrating WeForms, NinjaForms, Gravity Forms and of course Contact Form 7 are pretty high on our priority list.

Plus, our fabulous beta testers have helped us build a roadmap for featured updates in version 1.1.x and 1.2.x, so we want to get that knocked out ASAP. You can check it out below, although keep in mind it hasn’t been formalized.

We also want to finish up and release our 3 turn key sites. We want to make life easy for everyone. So we’ve been working on 3 different turnkey sites that you’ll be able to use to kick start your next project.

When will WPSuperDealer be in the WordPress Repository?

Good question! We anticipate submitting it around the first of April., but it may happen much sooner. A lot of it depends on how smoothly the next couple weeks go.

What's next?


v 1.1.0 – date: tbd

  1.  Add Recent Vehicles block, widget, shortcode
  2.  Rework CSV feed – route path – Rest API Review
  3.  Add a “Forms” tab with instructions on:
    WeForms, NinjaForms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7
  4.  Need a setting to change the ajax inventory load image
  5.  Vehicle Sorting Tab
    • Need “advanced” link to show hidden options (low priority)
  6.  Ownership cost – localize HTML and review JS for potential clean up
  7.  Add option to pull data api reports when vehicle is loaded for first time on front end
  8.  Send optional admin email when data services get below a user specified level
  9.  Review other Data API items and determine if JS localization would be utilized
    • Data API is currently only available for vehicles sold in the United States & Canada.
  10.  Option to close search field(s) by default in the block settings
  11. LazyLoad Tips & Tricks videos

Future v 1.2.x + – date: tbd

  1. Release full rest api for vehicle management
  2. Update “Startup Guide” to a Startup Wizard
  3. Reorder specs and options, drag and drop – jquery sortable
  4. Ability to create a custom title with tags ie. {year} {make} {model} {stock_number}
  5. SRP images must be cropped to the same size
    • Make sure we’re using the right thumbnail sizes
  6. Blank values are showing in search fields
    • This happens when a number is used an an option name
    • example: Chrysler 200 – the 200 shows up before the default
    • This makes a drop down go 200, ,next value – and that’s no good
  7. Provide option to NOT allow multiple select in fields
  8. Ability to change Price labels on Price Tab
    • Currently can only be done on the Vehicle Options tab
      Data API
  9. Market value allows visitors to change time period
  10. Ownership Cost allows visitors to change miles driven per year
  11. When “inventory” page is added on Startup Guide, it needs to set that as the default form action for the search form
  12. On price tab, if you uncheck a field or check a field it needs to also update the field on the vehicle option tab


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