Our Origin Story

Back in the long, long ago...

“With great PlugIns, comes great power.”

Many years ago a mild mannered keyboard jockey, a Code Monkey if you will, was working for an automotive group. At the time the automotive industry was still using iframes as a standard method for including vehicle inventory on a page.

The keyboard jockey said, “I think I’ll write a PlugIn for that, it’ll be fun.”

That PlugIn was named Car Demon and it spawned dozens of add-ons, a loyal user base and the Code Monkey had lots of fun and met some awesome people.

It would be impossible to list the number of people who have written code, beta tested features, provided support, written themes, written plugins, sold services and more. We want to thank that loyal community and hope they take pride in what they helped to create.

But the WPSuperDealer story hasn’t even started. The first version of Car Demon was written in 2014 and by the time it was six years old it was beginning to show it’s age. So many new technologies had come to play that it became obvious a new version was imminent.

In early 2020 the Code Monkey convinced Bryan Trilli, the mastermind behind Optimized Marketing and his brother, Greg Trilli, into helping him build the next generation PlugIn for vehicle sales.

That teamwork led to the creation of WPSuperDealer, the most powerful PlugIn available for vehicle sales.

The Masterminds

“There is no such thing as an expert marketer. Just experienced marketers and expert testers.”

Greg Trilli

Project Manager

Aliases: The Brain, Tricky Fingers, Mind Worm
History: Attained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.
Powers: Quashing Bugs, Reading Minds, Predicting the Future
Weakness: Carbohydrates

Bryan Trilli

Team Leader

Aliases: Mr. Boss, Test Master, Slim Goodbar
History: Earned degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University. Serial Entrepreneur. For decades he’s been passionate about business, marketing, psychology and building strong relationships.
Powers: Public Speaking, Team Leading, Can test anything,  Talks with Birds
Weakness: Bad Science

Chuck Mailen


Aliases: J, Code Monkey, El Geeko, Keyboard Jockey
History: Grew up in a town called Peculiar. Eagle Scout, Dropped out of college after building his first website back in 1994 and hasn’t stopped since.
Powers: Writing wicked awesome code. Speed reading. Doesn’t need sleep.
Weakness: Lima Beans

Don't forget the sidekicks!

Everyone knows they're the real heroes, so why pretend otherwise?

With great PlugIns comes great power.

Are you strong enough to handle it?