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Sidekicks deserve cool rides too

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Won't you please help these poor downtrodden PlugIn developers achieve their dream of driving their very own CyberTruck?

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*In exchange for donating you'll receive a warm & fuzzy good feeling for being SUPER awesome!

*Note: not everyone will receive a warm fuzzy or good feeling from donating. Some people are just miserable a$$holes who are upset all the time and have no intention of being happy. In those cases you will still metaphorically receive our gratitude for donating and may choose to pass the warm fuzzy on to someone else.

What do make believe people think about it?

Nine out of ten make believe people think WPSuperDealer needs a Cyber Truck. One out of ten should mind their own business.

John Smith

Fake Person, Real Sentiment

If WPSuperDealer had a CyberTruck they'd certainly be a lot more groovy in my book. Sure, their code has style, but shouldn't they have the wheels to back it up?

Jane Doe

Pseudo Customer, with impressive credentials

As someone with super impressive and totally not made up credentials, I can honestly say I was shocked when I found out WPSuperDealer doesn't already have a Cyber Truck. It's a crime I tell you!

These poor sidekicks are trapped using 20th century fossil fuels in vehicles that aren't even smart enough to park themselves.

Something's not right in the world, but with your support they can ride around in style.

Put on your cape and tights, pull down your mask and arm yourself with your credit card. Then help put some sidekicks in a really cool set of wheels.