You need solid hosting. You also need to control your hosting.

It's your site and you should control your hosting.

We’re not a hosting company, so when we “host” a site we’re actually setting you up with your own server at

Cloudways is awesome. They let us create a server for you and you can choose whether to have them invoice you or if we manage your site they can invoice us directly and you’ll only receive a single invoice each month.

“It has to be powerful, easy to use and must give our customer’s full control.” – WPSuperDealer S.O.P.

Are there other awesome WordPress hosting solutions available?

Absolutely! There are several companies that specialize in WordPress hosting and have put together some amazing systems.

But… in our experience Cloudways provides a superior hosting platform for us, our customers and, most importantly, the people visiting their sites.

Cloudways for the Win

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

If you’re looking for the best hosting solution that gives you the most control, then why not pick the one we offer managed services for?

Managed Services?

What kind of Sidekicks would we be if we didn’t offer managed services?

Hooking you up with the most powerful vehicle listing PlugIns available is just the start.

We offer a Managed Services plan that includes: