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We’re sitting around our top secret Geek Cave awhile back and we get this email from a fella named Tyler Lennon from LicensePlateData.com

He wanted to know if our customers could benefit from a service like his. Here’s the gist, type in a license plate and get all the info on that vehicle. This includes typical vin decode data as well as service records, ownerships records and more.

We like the general idea, so I popped over to the site and punched in my license plate to see what it spits out.

I was pleased to see a decent volume of data on my car and it all looked accurate. There were multiple service records (love those oil changes), an accurate decode of vehicle options and all of the recall information for the vehicle.

Not bad for just punching in a plate number, a lot more than you generally get when you use a VIN.

This wouldn’t be a viable tool for a dealer to use for listing their vehicles, but if I buying a car and filling out a trade form then the plate number is exactly what I want to type in. Think about it, how many people know their VIN? Most people don’t know their plate numbers either, but they at least know how to find them. Having a trade form that accepts a plate number, then supplies that information to the dealer upon submission is about as easy as it can get for everyone involved. The only thing missing is a valuation estimate and they’d have a solid trade in application solution for dealers.


The big question

Right now they have an impressive amount of data and several current services you should check out. Stop by their contact page and ask Tyler for more details, then beg him to add some vehicle value data so they can release a solid trade in application solution.

We’re curious though, how would you use their data in a website? What about Service Appointment forms? We can see it being used there or even on a parts look up form. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know the year, make, model, trim, etc. of their own vehicles. Being able to just type in their plate number and tell the dealer what their vehicle is… well, it’s almost too easy.

Drop us a comment in the form below and let us know how you would use their data. What kind of ideas do you have?


Impressive Data

Who are they again?

The following came from their website and might give you a glimpse of what they’re all about:

“LicensePlateData is one of the largest websites serving North America and customers worldwide. We offer License Plate Lookups, Vehicle Data, and VIN checks all online. LicensePlateData reports offer a plethora of information about license plates. Our service provides customers access to the world’s largest list of vehicle data providers in the automotive industry. As one of the largest vehicle databases in the world, we use a simple method that maximizes information from the best websites and services guaranteeing the best results. Once you enter a License Plate or VIN, you will receive a vast array of information. We search billions of records regarding vehicle registration to guarantee you always receive an up-to-date report. Our data is presented in an easy-to-understand format so you can clearly glean the necessary information from it. We respect that our customers are looking for comprehensive information. Because of this, we constantly update our databases to make sure every available piece of information is included in our reports.”

(Source: https://licenseplatedata.com/about)


LicensePlateData - License Plate Lookup

About that Trade-In Form

Gotta tell you, we been thinking a lot about what an awesome service they could provide. They could release a powerful, inexpensive, platform independent service that could rival some of the big 800 lb Gorillas out there.

If you know of another service that might be of interest to our users then reach out and let us know. It doesn’t need to be WordPress specific or related to our own tools or services as long as it resonates with vehicle sales and digital marketing.


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