WPSD Count Views

WPSD Count Views

Track how many times each vehicles has been viewed.



Count views for cars, posts, pages and more, shortcode [ post_view ] and [ most_view ] available, widget “Most Viewed Posts” available.

Give your visitors a recently viewed vehicles Widget and they’ll love you for it. It makes it so much nicer to come back to a website 2 days later and have it tell me exactly what cars caught my interest last time.

You can also add a “Most Viewed” Widget and show off your most visited vehicles to the world.


It makes it so easy to see exactly which vehicles are getting the looks and let’s you tailor your inventory to match customer trends.

See exactly how popular your Vehicles are

Powerful administration features

Set the length of time before someone can refresh the page and be counted as a new view.

Tell it to count logged in visitors or skip them, you can even tell it to avoid your own visits.

It doesn’t just work with vehicles; use it to track visits on each page, post and even products from some e-commerce PlugIns.

Car Demons Count Views Settings Page


License Details

Expiration Lasts for 1 year.
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.