How do I add a video link to a vehicle?

Jeff – The Super Trouble Maker The backstory One of our users, let’s call him Jeff , wants to know the best way to add a video to a vehicle.We don’t know Jeff all that well, but we suspect he’s a trouble maker.Which makes him our kind of people. Thus and therefore we’ve tossed together […]

How to sort vehicles randomly

The Random Joy of Chaos Once upon a time, this fella named Mike says, “How can I sort my vehicles randomly?”  Gotta tell you, we spend a lot of time fighting random chaos and Mike is the first person to ask for this little gem, so it’s not likely to get added as a feature […]

Gravity Forms & ADFxml

Kevin Davis – Mastermind and Approved WPSuperDealer provider at The Harman Media & Marketing Group WPSuperDealer, Gravity Forms & ADFxml First off, let’s get to the important stuff. What is ADFxml? or is it ADFxml, adfXML, adfxml or ADFXML? or does that even matter? Regardless, if you want some details on ADFxml and what it […]

Changing Price Formats

Changing your price format By default WPSuperDealer displays price and mileage fields as straight numbers with no actual formatting. That means they look like this: $32500 and not $32,000 or $32.000 or any of the other formats you might find around the world. Why isn’t this an option and how are you supposed to format […]

How to Integrate with Contact Form 7

Integrating Contact Form 7 with WPSuperDealer Today we’re going to walk through creating a form with Contact Form 7 and then populating some hidden fields in that form with vehicle data. This will give us the ability to drop a form onto a single vehicle page with a widget and pass the current vehicle data […]


Hosting You need solid hosting. You also need to control your hosting. It’s your site and you should control your hosting. We’re not a hosting company, so when we “host” a site we’re actually setting you up with your own server at Cloudways is awesome. They let us create a server for you and […]