Changing Price Formats

Changing your price format By default WPSuperDealer displays price and mileage fields as straight numbers with no actual formatting. That means they look like this: $32500 and not $32,000 or $32.000 or any of the other formats you might find around the world. Why isn’t this an option and how are you supposed to format […]

How to Integrate with Contact Form 7

Integrating Contact Form 7 with WPSuperDealer Today we’re going to walk through creating a form with Contact Form 7 and then populating some hidden fields in that form with vehicle data. This will give us the ability to drop a form onto a single vehicle page with a widget and pass the current vehicle data […]


Hosting You need solid hosting. You also need to control your hosting. It’s your site and you should control your hosting. We’re not a hosting company, so when we “host” a site we’re actually setting you up with your own server at Cloudways is awesome. They let us create a server for you and […]