The Holiday lowdown

Merry tidings and a Wonderful Winter to all

'Tis the season...

If projects were presents

For Project work

I’m fairly certain we did a blog post about how quickly time flies. Turns out it goes even faster when you’re buried in projects, especially if each project feels like a present.

This is the time of year when the holiday season takes digital marketing by storm. If you’re working on a website for a dealer, of any kind, then you know how busy things are. Right now they’re fighting to get through the holiday clutter and things are heating up.

Heck, just about everyone involved in digital marketing has been busy this season. All the extra work translates to a fairly decent holiday season, but one that leaves little time for much else.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for WPSuperDealer to land in the WordPress repository then we’re really sorry, but you’re gonna need to hold out for just a bit longer.

We really wanted to push it in there before the holidays, but by the time Halloween hit this year we were deep in the trenches helping to optimize lead generation and maximize advertising ROI for the Holidays. Been hard just finding time to catch our breath. Lots of fun though!

Bonus Excuse

Plus there was a dog that ate our homework. True story, kind of, in a totally made up kind of way. The Code Monkey has a 9 month old German Shepard “puppy”. She’s a cute little wolf monster named Ginger, who has a vendetta against the mouse on his desk (the electronic kind, she likes the furry ones). She also needs to be walked every five minutes.

That adorable terror has one of the strongest super powers ever seen. She has puppy eyes. Not just any puppy eyes! But the kind that could bend anyone to her will. So when she wants to go for a walk she wants to go for a walk, no excuse.

Fear not, she really isn’t that much trouble and the latest version of WPSuperDealer has been done for weeks and can be found here on our website, free as always. It’s the same version we’ll be submitting to the Repo, unless someone reports an issue or sponsors an update, in which case all bets are off.

Super Trouble

and super adorable

Right now we have the second week in January circled to resubmit. That’ll let everyone get past the holidays and will open us up so we can properly assist with onboarding new users.

Have Super Powered New Years!