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Despite being blessed with the power of procrastination, we’ve once again submitted to the WordPress.org repository. They identified five items for correction, the first four were knocked out quickly.
That last one involved making changes that required changes in some of our add-ons. It wasn’t  major surgery or anything, but it helps insure it’s as secure as possible.
With everything locked down, we’ve resubmitted to the repository with the requested changes. They’re going to take it and put it through their “make it awesome” machine again then let us know if there’s anything else it needs to be secure like that super guy’s fortress of giant crystal things.
We gotta say, the PlugIns review team is pretty awesome. Their feedback has been concise, well explained and linked to the perfect resources. It was obvious they took the time to explore the code, understand it and offer the best feedback possible. Props to them for going above and beyond.
Their feedback made the first 4 items so easy to correct that combined they only took about 30 minutes. The last item required a tedious file by file, line by line check, in the main plugin and all of the add-ons, to insure all output was properly escaped.  Thanks to their feedback and solid insights the process a lot easier to complete than it looked when we started.
If you’re curious about the changes you can always check out the core PlugIn on BitBucket and follow the commits or fill out the comment form below and let us know.


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